Design Stainless steel Project Doha

DSP DOHA was founded in 2010 and specializes in architectural stainless steel, aluminum and glass works which leads to be the ultimate solution for FULL SCOPE TURNKEY ARCHITECTURAL PROJECTS. In order to turn clients’ conceptual ideas for futuristic projects into reality, we offer an integrated service of design, value engineering, technical support and consultation, manufacturing, installation and maintenance.

It is worth mentioning that within nearly a decade, our result-oriented approach combined with unwavering commitment to provide extensive variety of services in Qatar and Kuwait has made us reputable for executing large and complex projects on time with strict quality control measures. In this regard, DSP DOHA has managed to establish factories overseas as a cost saving approach and set up a factory on Industrial area, Doha, Qatar in order to be accountable for spontaneous and time-sensitive local projects.


Our company’s mission is to provide a total solution in design, fabrication and installation to its clients through understanding their needs and converting their requirements into practical solutions.


To become one of the most respectable architectural metal and glazing works solution not only in Qatar and Kuwait, but also globally.

Our Core Values

‘‘My philosophy has always been to build up a dedicated and skilled team to deliver quality work.’’
‘Hady Tabriz’

  • Constantly meeting client's expectations and remaining reliable, professional, and flexible
  • Accomplishing time-sensitive projects on budget and on time
  • Being determined to invest in our best skilled, talented and loyal people
  • Fostering a culture of continuous improvement that embraces cutting-edge design and innovative products
  • Using vigorous quality control system to ensure highest quality finishing

The people

  • Ahmad Khamis Y M Ibrahim
  • Hady Tabriz
    Managing Director
  • Ossman Jari
    Project Manager
  • Ebrahim Tabriz
    Project Manager
  • Shafe Said Alhayek
    Project manager
  • Andreas Kolliopoulos
    Project Manager
  • David Melvin Daniel
    Commercial Manager
  • Afroz Alam
    Finance & HR Manager
  • Bryan Alarcon
    Design Manager
  • Rana Amirzehni
    Procurement Manager
  • Merwyn Morales
    QA/QC Manager
  • Mildred Alarcon
    Secretary / Receptionist
  • Subash Pandit
    Logistic Co-ordinator
  • Dilip Mandal
    Factory Manager


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